Our single vineyard releases express the unique character of our historically classified vineyards. The most important part of the character of our wines is the terroir, the soil. The winemaking techniques should not make a lasting impact on our wines; stylistically it is the minerality that should be expressed by our grape varietals. Our Single vineyard selections produced from the outstanding slopes of the Szent Tamás, Percze, Nyulászó, Birsalmás and Dongó vineyards. Apart from the dry selections we produce a late harvest sweet wine from classified vineyards named 3909; a concentrated and well structured Aszú wine and a parcel selected dry Furmint the Szent Tamás 86. Our dry, single vineyard releases and the sweet wines are fermented and matured in first, second and third fill Hungarian oak barrels. Our barrels are 3-500 litres; they are made of medium toasted oak from the Zemplén Mountain, the northern border of our wine region. The dry wines are bottled after they spent 8-10 months in oak. We do not use cultured yeast nor with the sweet, nor with the dry wines. With each vintage we take extra care that our wines should represent the terroir, and the winemaking practices should not leave their significant effect on the final product.